• Hira at a Glance

      Hira Textile Mills Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on Junauary 31, 1991. The Company was listed on Karachi & Lahore Stock exchange of Pakistan on Feb 15, 2007 respectively. ‘Hira Terry Mills limited’ is Jointly Controlled Association undertaking located adjacent to ‘Hira Textile Mills Limited’ at 8km from Manga Raiwand Road, Lahore. Hira Textile produces cotton yarn with the facility of an in house dying unit and Hira Terry manufactures towels.

      The units, apart from producing and exporting their respective products all across the world, are also a fine example of vertical integration where at times the product yarn is obtained from Hira Textile and optimally weaved to make towels in Hira Terry.

  • Vision

      A dynamic profitable and professionally managed successful business organization.


       Hira Textile Mills Ltd is committed to the highest standards of integrity,honesty, openness and professionalism in all of its activities whenever they are undertaken. We, the Management Team of HTML are striving to improve the quality of yarn by continuously improving its manufacturing facilities. We are committed to positioning the Company at the apex of the industry by satisfying our valued customers, archiving superior returns for shareholders, by providing congenial work environment where the employees feel part of the organization and be a good corporate citizen by fulfilling our social responsibilities.

  • Hira Terry Mills Limited

      Hira Terry Mills Limited is a state of the art terry products manufacturing plant setup in Lahore, Pakistan. The plant was set up in late 2006-early 2007 with new machinery comprising of mainly European machinery from Germany (Dornier Air Jet Looms, Theis Dyeing, Schumale continuous Double-Needle Side Hemming, Spain (Anglada Continuous Finishing line), Switzerland (Benninger Weaving preparation) and Japan (Kindai Continuous Side Hemming, Barudan Cross Hemming and Infinity Continuous Slitting). The Plant is a vertically integrated terry manufacturer, which has the production capability of manufacturing, all in house, yarns to towels.

       The plant has a large variety of cottons in its spinning operations and is a certified producer of Supima, Egyptian and Organic Cotton yarns. In addition, it carries a variety of other cottons such as Australian, Brazilian, California (US) and Turkish Cottons in medium staple and Pima and Egyptian in long staple fibers. This gives it a unique position in the market to service better-best quality towels.

  • Towel Products


    The range of products extends to:
    • Cotton Towels made from Supima, Pima, Giza and Pakistani    cottons with possibility in Combed, Zero Twist, Soft Twist    yarns.
    • Products range to Bathrobes, Bath towels, Hand towels and    Face towels.
    •  Density in towel ranges from 400GSM to 1100GSM.

  • Hira Textile Mills Limited

    Hira Textile Mills Limited is equipped with the most modern machinery in spinning , doubling and yarn dyeing .

    Spinning Unit 1 & 2:

    The spinning units comprises of 40,000 spindles.

    •  The product range varies from coarse counts to fine counts ranging from 4/1cd to 80/1cm, producing Ring Spun as well as Compact spun yarns, Slub and Lycra yarns.

    •  Draw frames with auto levelers and conditioning machine from Xorella have also been installed for further improvements in the quality of yarn in the ever increasing international standards of the world market.

  • •  Hira Textile carries a yearly stock of top quality Pakistani cotton, contamination free American & Australian cotton, Indian cotton, Giza & Pima cotton and Organic cotton to meet the requirements of its valued customers..

    •  The Unit's total spindles include Reiter Compact Spinning frames.

    Doubling Unit:

    The Unit has 16 Doubling & Twisting machines.

    •  The Unit can produce Zero-twist as well as S-twist yarns.

    •  All the twisting machines have hydro pneumatic Mesedan splicers for 100% fully spliced (knot free) doubled yarn.

    •  The Unit has the capability to produce two, three and four plied yarns.


  • Yarn Dyeing Unit:

    The Yarn dyeing Unit has the Processing capacity of 120 tons per month with state of the art Swiss machinery from Scholl and Italian machinery from Pozzi. The yarn dyeing unit also has sophisticated microprocessors to ensure standardization in the dyeing and consists of Radio frequency dryers from Stray field and Stalam. The soft winding is from SSM and rewinding from Murata. This dyeing unit is also equipped with top class laboratory equipment from Macbeth and Data Colour for high colour matching accuracy.

    Capability to produce:

    1) Reactive dyeing
    2) Dispersed dyeing
    3) VAT dyeing

    The Unit has also the capability to produce yarn shades of Pantone TC, TP series and customers’ specified standards.

  • Yarns

    Cotton Combed Carded Slub
    Pakistani 8/1-40/1 6/1-10/1 5.5/1-20/1
    Egyptian 10/1-100/1 6/1-13/1 -
    American 16/1- 40/1 - -
    Australian 16/1- 40/1 - -
    (Skal Certified)
    10/1-30/1 - -
    (Supima Certified)
    13/1-100/1 6/1-13/1 -
  • Certification

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  • Board of Directors

    Mr. Muhammad Umar Virk (Chairman)
    Mr. Umair Umar                     Mr. Nadeem Aslam Butt (C.E.O)
    Mrs. Shahnaz Umar                Mrs. Fatima Nadeem
    Mrs. Sadiya Umair                  Mr. Shaukat Nazir Malik
    Management Profile

    Messrs M.Yousuf Adil Saleem & CO.(Chartered Accountant)
    A Member Firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsh
    66-E –FCC, Syed Maratab Ali Road, Gulberg IV, Lahore
    Salman Akram Raja.
    Raja Mohammad Akram & Co., Advocates & Legal Consultants 33-C Main Gulberg Lahore.
    Vision Consulting Ltd. 3 – C , 1st Floor, LDA Flats, Lawrance Road Lahore Ph: + 92 42 637 5531, 637 5339

  • Chairman Profile

             'Dreams coming true through hard work and vision’

    Mr. Muhammad Umar Virk is the Chairman of the company. He is a qualified & seasoned professional having over twenty-five years experience in textile trade and industry. He is a well-known and vibrant figure in the textile field due to his technical and entrepreneurial capability.
    Mr. Muhammad Umar Virk did his graduation in textile engineering in 1976. He began his career as a textile professional and developed it into a thriving career by working for well-known textile mills. His hard work and forward-looking approach helped him to steadily grow.
    Mr. Muhammad Umar Virk founded Hira Textile Mills in 1995 by acquiring a spinning unit near Lahore. He successfully turned around the unit by skilful expansion and up gradation. Now Hira Textile Mills is a well-reputed and trustworthy textile unit manufacturing ring-spun cotton yarns, ply yarns, specialized yarns and dyed yarns.
    Mr. Muhammad Umar Virk is also Director in Hira Terry Mills Ltd & Adamjee Insurance Company Ltd.

  • Corporate Informations

    Company Registration No. :- 0023196
    Company National Tax No. :- 08116005-8
    Company Sales Tax Registration No. :- 03-05-5202-109-64
    Company Registered Office:- 44/E-1, Gulberg III,
    Lahore 54660 Pakistan.
    Tel: +92-42-35714191-4
    Fax: +92-42-35710048
    Email: hira@hiramills.com.pk
    Symbol of Company is HIRAT Lahore Stock Exchange
    Karachi Stock Exchange

    8 KM Manga Raiwind Road Raiwind District Kasur

    Person to Contract
    Javaid Iqbal - Manager Accounts
    Tel. 042 – 35714191-94 Ext. 115
  • USA Office

    Hira Terry Mills Limited/Bolan Trading Company

    266 King George Rd.

    Suite A

    Warren NJ 07059


    Tel: +1-908-769-4000

    Fax: +1-908-769-8400

    Email: hira@hiramills.com.pk

  • Canada Office

    Hira Terry Mills Limited/Bolan North American Supplies

    B120 1772 Broadway,

    Port Coquitlam BC V3C 2M8


    Tel: +1-604-945-9526

    Fax: +1-604-945-9830

    Email: info@bolantrading.com

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